Growth of the ZeroCarb LYFE Movement in 2022

by Zero Carb on Dec 29, 2022

Growth of the ZeroCarb LYFE Movement in 2022

“Whatever I do, I want to change people’s lives.” ~ Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Mohamed Aly

When Mohamed created the first ZeroCarb pizza, little did he know the community that would flourish from his innovation. From building the ZeroCarb LYFE movement to offering full frozen pizzas, ZeroCarb has grown to be loved by those all across the U.S. 

“We are completely blown away by the amount of love and support our ZeroCarb LYFE community has given and shown us over the last few years.” - John Pena, Chief Growth Officer at ZeroCarb LYFE

After immigrating to the U.S. from Egypt, working at a pizzeria in Chicago, and owning his own restaurant, Mohamed has always loved the atmosphere that being around food - specifically pizza - creates. “It’s all about togetherness and inclusion,” he states. Mohamed wanted to create a pizza that could be enjoyed by most people. This is why he has always valued a simple, clean recipe that is today’s ZeroCarb LYFE frozen pizza crust - chicken, olive oil, salt, and spices. 

Living for a dream, Mohamed has persevered through multiple life challenges. One of those being his diagnosis with diabetes. “That has really helped me to shape a mission I fully believe in,” he said. As a diabetic, creating a crust that could be enjoyed by himself and others with food sensitivities was important. Yet, another reason for keeping a clean and simple recipe. 

Since moving to Evansville, Indiana to be near his co-founder Omar Atia and the majority of the ZeroCarb LYFE team, Mohamed has been working to grow the brand and help more people enjoy delicious and healthy pizza. 

Today, ZeroCarb can be found in all eighty Schnucks Markets in the Midwest, as well as many other restaurants across the U.S. We’ve also been featured in multiple media outlets including CrunchBase, Food Network Magazine, and more, as well as recently launched our ZeroCarb frozen pizza crust and ZeroCarb frozen pizzas in 6 Schnucks stores in southern Indiana. None of this could have been possible without our incredible community of ZeroCarb LYFE-ers. Our team is incredibly grateful for all of the love and support you all have shown us thus far in our business, and we hope you will continue along with us as we strive to create more healthy food items with clean recipes. 

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