ZeroCarb LYFE Story—Mandy Graessle

by John Pena on Sep 30, 2021

ZeroCarb LYFE Story—Mandy Graessle

“It packs the protein I need as a bariatric patient in a delicious way that isn't another meal of chicken breast and broccoli.” - Mandy Graessle, ZeroCarb LYFE-r.

About ten years ago, Mandy decided to dive into her health. She always struggled with losing weight due to her genetics and past unhealthy habits, which led to her becoming obese. Wanting to change her lifestyle for the better, Mandy partook in multiple weight loss efforts, including the Whole30 program, bootcamps, rock climbing, keto and vegan diets, and gaining her certification to train TRX—none of which seemed to work.

For ten years, Mandy maintained a healthier lifestyle by working out and eating clean. She eventually decided to take a food sensitivity test to learn more about the issues she had been experiencing with her health. Mandy discovered her body was sensitive to dairy, gluten, sugar, and almonds, meaning pizza could certainly no longer be a part of her diet. After trying everything she could think of, Mandy decided to consult with a doctor about her health.

"I reached out to my doctor for help to be my healthiest self so I could make the next 40 years my most adventurous and thriving."

Her doctor suggested a weight loss surgery accompanied by healthy habits for a positive long-term outcome. After becoming a bariatric patient, Mandy was put on a strict pre-op diet of lean protein and veggies. This meant no carbs, no sugars, no processed foods, and no alcohol. Soon after, Mandy discovered ZeroCarb Pizza Crusts and decided to give them a chance...but not without hesitation. It took seeing keto-recipe Instagram influencer Natalie Gruendl’s crunch test to give her the confidence to try out our crusts.

“I was VERY apprehensive. I probably added it to my online cart 6 times and abandoned ship before purchasing months later,” she said.

After finally hitting “purchase,” Mandy knew exactly what ZeroCarb recipe she was going to make—a mushroom, kale, turkey, and pepperoni pizza. Talk about a keto dieter's dream! Being able to enjoy a crispy and delicious keto-friendly pizza while following one of the most restrictive diets out there was one of Mandy’s most exciting moments—ZeroCarb Pizza Crusts were able to give her the protein she needed without compromising her pre-op diet. Since then, Mandy is three months removed from her operation—and she is thriving!

"Now, 3 months post-op and over 50 pounds down, with controlled [blood pressure] and no more pain in my knees and back...I still enjoy pizza weekly thanks to ZeroCarb LYFE!"

It’s ZeroCarb LYFE stories like Mandy’s that inspire us to continue creating healthy, clean, and enjoyable zero-carb alternatives that anyone can enjoy despite health issues or food sensitivities. If you're inspired by Mandy’s story like we are, be sure to follow her post-bariatric-surgery and weight-loss journey at @becomingmanderella on Instagram.