ZeroCarb LYFE featured in CrunchBase News, Labeled Guilt-Free Innovation

by John Pena on Jul 11, 2022


ZeroCarb LYFE has been labeled a guilt-free innovation for pizza lovers in a CrunchBase News article. Founded in 2006 by Mohamed Aly, ZeroCarb is an effort to allow diabetics to enjoy a delicious pizza without the carbs and sugars. Today, ZeroCarb LYFE has its carb-free crusts available in over 150 restaurants across the United States, and has many successful ongoing partnerships with both local businesses and large pizza chains. 

Recently, ZeroCarb LYFE has been recognized by CrunchBase News in an article highlighting 5 Interesting Startup Deals You May Have Missed In June: Air Taxis, And Chicken Is The

New PizzaThe article alluded to the ongoing success of the company- “That’s what ZeroCarb LYFE does and what attracted a $1.5 million seed round from investors this month.” (CrunchBase News, 2022). The article refers to the recent “seed-plus” round that ZeroCarb LYFE has announced, as to “Keep up with the pace of its expansion” (CrunchBase News, 2022). 

Without a doubt, this innovative and adaptive product has not only put ZeroCarb LYFE on the map as a successful new startup, but it now provides the ability for all pizza lovers throughout the nation who wish to consume one of their favorite foods without the carbs.