Find ZeroCarb Pizza Crusts in Your Favorite Evansville Restaurants

by John Pena on Dec 01, 2021

Find ZeroCarb Pizza Crusts in Your Favorite Evansville Restaurants

If you live in Evansville, Indiana, the home of the ZeroCarb Pizza Crust, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of or been to one of these three restaurants in your lifetime—Kipplee’s, Azzip Pizza, and Dontae's Highland Pizza Parlor. 


These three restaurants were the first of many to help pave the way for ZeroCarb in our local pizza industry. They took a chance on ZeroCarb pizza by allowing us to reach their customers, and for that we are forever grateful. Their support has allowed us to share ZeroCarb with others in our Evansville community and across the tri-state who follow the keto diet or are otherwise searching for a zero-carb alternative to pizza.


These three organizations are truly some of our closest partners. Whether you're looking for ZeroCarb Pizza Crusts for your next meal or you crave something more traditional, we encourage you to visit one of these exceptional restaurants.




Kipplee’s has been an Evansville staple since 1989. The restaurant/bar combo originally opened across from the historic Robert’s Stadium, the former home court of the University of Evansville's Purple Aces NCAA Division 1 basketball team. Before and after games, crowds would funnel into Kipplee's to enjoy mouthwatering pizza, perfectly seasoned wings, city-favorite appetizers, amazingly fun arcade games, and a super convenient drive-through window for those who needed to eat on the go. Since opening, they have been one of the top local venues for hosting parties, family gatherings, team celebrations, and other large groups and events. Kipplee’s proves to be a nostalgic time capsule that encompasses the original roots of the city of Evansville. They still enjoy serving the students of the University of Evansville and the University of Southern Indiana, along with the greater Evansville community.


Azzip Pizza


One of the newer fan-favorites in our region is Azzip Pizza. With several locations in and outside of Evansville, this is simply a must-stop pizza joint if you’re ever in the tri-state area. Founded by Purdue graduate Brad Niemeier in 2014, Azzip has grown into one of the most loved pizza places in the Evansville community. It began when Brad won Purdue’s Burton D. Morgan Business Plan Competition, earning $20,000 in startup money to bring his idea to life. He and Blake Kollker, friend and accomplished chef, worked together to create Azzip’s unique menu. From there, the business soon became a family affair with Brad's mom coming on as the primary accountant, his dad operating as a handyman, and his brother helping out on the front end of services. Since selling their first pizza in 2014, Azzip has become home to hungry college students, fun family nights, and exciting first jobs.


Dontae's Highland Pizza Parlor


There's no way we could forget about Dontae's Highland Pizza Parlor! At the beginning of 2021, ZeroCarb was fortunate enough to partner with Dontae’s for Evansville Pizza Week, an event where our local community makes an extra push to support local pizza parlors through community participation and culinary experiences. By partnering during Evansville Pizza Week, ZeroCarb and Dontae’s helped provide a healthier pizza crust alternative to those who may not be able to enjoy pizza regularly. Not only does Dontae's provide exquisite customer service, but they also create some of the tastiest pizzas, strombolis, and paninis in the Greater Evansville area.


We would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to Kipplee’s, Azzip Pizza, and Dontae’s Highland Pizza Parlor for supporting ZeroCarb and our mission to create a healthier, more inclusive, keto-friendly, and gluten-free pizza experience! 


Still looking for ZeroCarb at a restaurant near you? Click here to view our interactive partnership map, or try one of our ZeroCarb recipes at home!