How Carbs Affect Your Blood Sugar

by John Pena on Dec 30, 2021

How Carbs Affect Your Blood Sugar

Carbs and blood sugar. What’s the big deal? Here’s a quick lesson on what happens when we eat carbs. 




You know that feeling you get when you eat sweets or have a soft drink? Maybe it’s an energy rush… or a sugar high. But it’s short-term. And then you begin to feel the not-so-fun effects of the dreaded sugar crash (aka hypoglycemia). Then just a few hours later you’re craving a sugary treat again. If you give in, the cycle starts all over. Sound familiar?

All types of sugars are carbs (fun fact - there are over 61 different names for sugar), although they are considered “empty” carbs. Blood sugar spikes happen when there’s too much glucose in your bloodstream and not enough insulin to help your cells absorb it properly (aka hyperglycemia). Negative effects like headaches, anxiety, sleep deprivation, and mood swings are not uncommon. Long-term effects can damage your blood vessels, and in turn, your vital organs. 

Vital organs are called “vital” for a good reason! No one wants to receive a diagnosis of heart disease or stroke, kidney disease, a weakened immune system, the inability to fight off infections (really not good during flu season!), or nerve damage from eating a steady diet of empty carb-laden food and drinks.


Complex carbs naturally occur in whole foods like fruits and veggies, beans, peas, whole grains, and nuts & seeds. They are made up of more than two sugar molecules and take longer to digest. Blood sugar levels will still increase, but at a slower rate. No doubt, your body needs energy, and carbs are the primary fuel source, but you don’t need large amounts of them.



Someone with diabetes (maybe you) can’t rely on their body to jump in and do the work it’s supposed to do. So, if not enough insulin is produced, injections are necessary to help process and regulate glucose. Efforts to maintain levels in a normal range are 24/7. Food, exercise, and glucose levels must all be monitored. In short, counting carbs becomes a complicated but necessary way of life. 


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