What Are 3 Pizza Crust Alternatives?

by Zero Carb on Mar 02, 2023

What Are 3 Pizza Crust Alternatives?

Tasty. Convenient. Great for the whole family. That’s right, we’re talking about pizza! Unfortunately, there’s a more negative word associated with everyone’s favorite pie: unhealthy. At ZeroCarb LYFE, we know that doesn’t have to be the case. How? Because we came up with a gluten free pizza crust that tastes great and is good for you, too.

In fact, whether you’re looking for a gluten free or paleo pizza crust, you have plenty of options. In this article, we take a look at the different types of pizza crusts, their pros and cons, and a few different recipe ideas. Let's get cooking!

What Is a Healthy Alternative for Pizza Dough?

Pizza dough is typically considered unhealthy because it’s high in carbohydrates and gluten: healthy alternatives exist that are low carb, gluten free, or both. The good news is that by swapping out the dough you use for your pizza, you can lessen or remove some of the top health concerns associated with pizza. To take your alternative pizza night a step further, you can also substitute toppings that are high in sodium (looking at you, pepperoni) for options that are more forgiving on your blood pressure (chicken, peppers, etc.).

What Is Alternative Crust Pizza?

Alternative pizza recipes essentially swap out traditional, wheat-based flour crusts for a low carb and/or gluten free substitute. Alternative crust pizzas only refer to the crust itself, which can be an important distinction, especially for people with gluten sensitivity. Depending on your level of sensitivity, you could still have a reaction if your pie was prepared near gluten, even if your pizza was made with a gluten free crust. This comes into play when ordering from major chains that offer gluten free crust, because there is still risk for cross contamination.

Which Pizza Crust Is Better?

The best type of crusts for your pizza night are the ones that meet your health needs and exceed your expectations for taste. But, to make the right decision for your kitchen, it helps to know what your options are. In the world of alternative pizza crusts, here are some of your most common choices:

• Grains: Traditional pizza crusts are made from wheat-based flour, which is where the gluten and high carbs come from. Switching to whole wheat crusts can result in less severe sugar spikes after meals compared to highly processed crusts. However, because these crusts are high in carbs, they will still raise blood glucose levels. These options will fall flat for pizza lovers looking to cut out gluten and/or reduce carbohydrates.
• Legumes: Beans…the magical fruit, even for pizza crust! You can use fava beans or other legumes like chickpeas for a gluten free pizza cost. However, legume-based flour is still going to be high in carbs.
• Nuts: Almonds are the most popular nuts used to make pizza crust. These types of flour are a great way to reduce gluten, as long as none of your dinner guests have nut allergies.
• Vegetables: Looking for a way to sneak more vegetables into your diet? Put them on your pizza and in it! Cauliflower or squash crusts are another low carb, gluten free option. The one downside is that the crust can still have the same taste and texture as vegetables, which might not be ideal for all pizza lovers.
• Chicken: You read that right; you can make pizza crust out of chicken! The pros of chicken breast pizza crust are plentiful: zero carb, gluten free, high in protein, and delicious, just to name a few. What about the cons? Most people don’t associate chicken with pizza crust, but trying new things is also part of the fun!

    What Should I Eat If I Crave Pizza?

    If you crave pizza, then you should eat pizza! If health concerns or dietary goals are standing in your way of eating the food you enjoy, there is likely an alternative to get you the same great flavor. At ZeroCarb LYFE, we make pizza for pizza lovers that’s zero carb, gluten free, and packed with protein and flavor, so nothing stands between you and the meals you love. For added flexibility, you can start your alternative pizza night in two ways:

    1. From the crust with frozen crusts made from chicken breast that let you customize your sauce and toppings.

    2. From the oven with everything all ready to go for you: crust, sauce, and delicious toppings.

      Of course, there are those nights when you want something that’s like pizza but isn’t. When you’re craving something else, try out these pizza dough alternative uses with our incredibly versatile pizza crust:

      • Flatbreads
      • Wraps
      • Quesadillas
      • Paninis
      • Garlic points for dippin’ hummus
      • Whatever your imagination can dream up

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