Create Your Own Bundle of 6 Pizzas - 7.5 Inch

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6 pre-made frozen pizzas per bundle - 7.5 inch

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Your Pizza Bundle

Ranging from 31g to 37g protein per pizza, and 4 amazing flavors to pick from. Create your own bundle, combine any 6 pizzas and never stop indulging with these low-carb and high protein, keto & gluten-free options, aligning perfectly with your preferred lifestyle.

Features & Benefits

Cheese Pizza (31g Protein | 5g Carbs)

Introducing our delectable creation: Cheese Pizza - NO DOUGH | 100% CHICKEN CRUST! Redefine your pizza experience with a guilt-free and protein-packed delight that's as delicious as it is wholesome.

Uncured Beef Bacon & Jalapeno Pizza (33g Protein | 2g Carbs)

Introducing our mouthwatering creation: Uncured Beef Bacon & Jalapeno Pizza - NO DOUGH | 100% CHICKEN CRUST! Elevate your pizza experience with this innovative and delicious twist that caters to your taste buds and dietary preferences.

Beef Topping Pizza (37g Protein | 4g Carbs)

Satisfy your cravings guilt-free with ZeroCarb's Beef Topping Pizza. A low-carb marvel with only 4g of carbs, it's your ketogenic dream. With a whopping 37g of protein, it's not just pizza – it's muscle fuel. Gluten issues? Fear not, it's gluten-free, so everyone can enjoy it. Ready in 15 minutes, it's convenient at its best. And for those watching sugar, it's only 2g. This pizza is the perfect blend of flavor, health, and satisfaction.

Buffalo Style Chicken Pizza (33g Protein | 2g Carbs)

Enjoy bold flavors and low carbs with ZeroCarb's Buffalo Style Chicken Pizza. At just 2g of carbs, it's perfect for your low-carb or keto journey. Packed with 33g of protein, it's not just delicious, but also a boost for your body. Gluten-free? Absolutely. In 15 minutes, it's ready – oven or air fryer. Plus, with only 1g of sugar, it's a smart choice for diabetics. Every bite is a symphony of taste and wellness.

🚫 Antibiotic-Free Assurance: We prioritize your well-being, which is why our Pizza is crafted with antibiotic-free ingredients. Enjoy a slice of pizza that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also aligns with your commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

🍽️ Versatile Enjoyment: Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, a gluten-free connoisseur, or just someone who appreciates a good slice of pizza, our Pizza fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. It's a versatile option for any occasion, from casual dinners to celebratory gatherings.

Treat yourself to a guilt-free indulgence that goes beyond the ordinary. With the perfect combination of protein, low carbs, and mouthwatering flavors, our Pizza - NO DOUGH | 100% CHICKEN CRUST is a game-changer in the world of pizza. Elevate your pizza cravings to a whole new level of satisfaction!

You’ll like it..

  • If you aim to build and repair your muscles.
  • If you live with celiac disease or have gluten sensitivity.
  • If you strive to shed pounds or manage your weight.
  • If you're a busy individual craving a quick and wholesome meal.
  • If you're looking to maintain stable blood glucose levels.
Cooking Instructions
1. Prior to baking, keep the pizza frozen. Preheat the oven to 400°F.
2. Remove the pizza from its packaging and the cardboard circle, and place the frozen pizza on a pizza pan or cookie sheet on the center rack of the oven (do NOT place the pizza directly on the rack).
3. Bake for approximately 15 minutes or until the cheese is golden brown.
4. As ovens may vary, check the pizza often.
5. Remove the pizza from the oven and place it on the provided cardboard circle.
    Nutritional Facts

    Cheese Pizza (31g Protein | 5g Carbs)

    Uncured Beef Bacon & Jalapeno Pizza (33g Protein | 2g Carbs)

    Beef Topping Pizza (37g Protein | 4g Carbs)

    Buffalo Style Chicken Pizza (33g Protein | 2g Carbs)


    How to separate the frozen crusts from each other?

    We suggest allowing the crust to thaw for 10-15 minutes before preparation or until it is softened enough to easily separate individual crusts with a spatula or butter knife. Afterward, return the remaining crust to the freezer. Kindly refer to the instructions for further details.

    I have a package of crusts that were delayed, will they still be safe for consumption when they arrive soon?

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused! If the crusts are still frozen or at least chilled, they are safe to eat. Just ensure to put them back in the freezer as soon as possible.

    Please note that the dry ice is intended to evaporate during shipping, so the plastic bag may be empty upon receipt of your shipment. However, as long as your products feel cold to the touch when unpacked, your order is in good condition.

    If the products aren't chilled or seem to be near room temperature, please inform us, and we'll take care of the matter for you.

    Can I cook my crust at a lower temp for longer?

    We would not recommend cooking at a lower temperature because there is a possibility that your crust would dry out more than usual.

    What to do if my crust is still soft after pre-baking & baking with toppings?

    We have found that baking the crust first (without toppings) for 6-8 minutes and then adding toppings and baking for another 6-8 minutes results in a much crispier pizza.

    Additionally, some customers have reported that adjusting the baking temperature to 500 degrees has resulted in an extra crispy crust. This is something you can experiment with based on your personal preference for crispiness.

    Can I refreeze the crusts after they thaw out?

    Yes! The crusts are fully cooked, so it is completely safe to put them back in the freezer!

    How do I store my ZeroCarb crusts?

    ZeroCarb crusts should be stored in the freezer, where they can be kept frozen until the best by date. Alternatively, they can be stored in the refrigerator for 3-4 days.

    Are you available internationally?

    At present, we are only accessible in the continental United States. Nonetheless, we are making efforts to broaden the reach of the ZeroCarb brand, and this encompasses ambitious plans for the future.

    What are the ingredients? What is ZeroCarb crust made of?

    We like to keep it simple. The Zero Carb crust is made up of four ingredients: chicken breast, olive oil, salt, and our special, secret spices.

    I am lactose intolerant, can I still eat the crust?

    Good news, you can! With only four ingredients, we are dairy-free, gluten-free, and diabetic-friendly.

    How can I sell your products at my restaurant?

    Please visit our website here and complete the "Let's Team Up" form located at the bottom of the page to request your free samples. A member of the ZeroCarb team will contact you as soon as possible.

    Is the crust frozen or freshly made?

    Our crusts are freshly made by our awesome and hardworking employees. Additionally, we make sure that they are delivered fresh and have not been sitting in a warehouse for months.

    I received my order cold but the dry ice bag is empty, is that an issue?

    The dry ice is designed to evaporate during shipping, so the plastic bag may be empty upon receipt of your shipment. As long as your products feel cold to the touch when you unpack them, your order is considered acceptable.

    Where are you located? Where can I buy your products?

    To find restaurants that currently serve our crust, please visit our website here. If we haven't made it to your area yet, you can purchase directly from our website.

    If you don't see our crust at your favorite spot, we encourage you to spread the word and let us know so we can work on bringing our crust to a location near you!

    How to avoid freezer burn?

    We suggest that you place your crusts in a Ziploc bag and make sure to remove the air before putting it back in the freezer.

    How to have a crispier crust?

    We recommend allowing your crust to thaw for 10-15 minutes or until it is completely soft before preparation. To separate individual crusts, use a spatula or butter knife and return the remaining crust to the freezer.

    Next, preheat the oven to 450-500 degrees and place the crust on the oven rack for 5-8 minutes until the edge starts to brown.

    Remove the crust from the oven and top it with your favorite sauce and toppings. Place the crust on parchment paper to prevent cheese or sauce from dripping, or on a pizza pan, or directly on your oven rack. Cook it in the oven for another 6-8 minutes or until the cheese is browned.

    I cooked the crust but it is tough/hard to bite/ chewy, what should I do?

    That might mean the crust was overcooked. As you know, every oven is different, some may cause the crusts to crisp really fast, while some may take longer.

    We recommend that when pre-cooking the crust, as soon as the edge starts to lightly brown, take it out of the oven and add the toppings before baking it again. Do not leave it inside the oven until it is completely brown.

    Alternatively, you may skip pre-baking the crust and add the toppings after letting the crust thaw. Then put it in the oven and bake it.